What are CBD Edibles and What are their benefits?

What are CBD Edibles?

CBD (cannabidiol) is the non-intoxicating and non-psychoactive compound derived from Hemp Oil. CBD Edibles are ingestible products that contain CBD, commonly in the form of snacks and food items such as candy and gummy bears, powders and cakes and even tea bags.

CBD and THC are both referred to as cannabinoids as they’re derived from the cannabis plant. CBD is legal and safe, with minimal chance of side effects or overdosing.

Within edibles, the dosage contained normally ranges from 10 mg up to 300 mg. This depends on the type of edible product you wish to purchase.

CBD edibles contain 0% THC or trace amounts (up to 0.2%) of THC, so there is no risk of getting high. CBD Edible compositions are robustly checked to confirm the THC concentrations meet the legal standard of 0.2%.

CBD Edibles serve as a tasty, attractive alternative to the more widely-used, sometimes unpleasantly tasting CBD oils.

What are the benefits of eating CBD Edibles?

A tasty and convenient way to get your daily CBD dose – Just like our other CBD products, our CBD edibles provide whole-body effects, but with the added benefit of tasting great!

Taking CBD Edibles makes dosing easy – The vast spectrum of CBD mg dosage edibles means that you can control the amount of CBD intaken, as opposed to the traditional CBD oil dropper

CBD Consumption is discreet and easy – No need to vape or struggle with oil pipettes, simply eat or drink

Adds variety to your CBD consumption – Rather than repeatedly consuming your CBD dose via oils or tinctures, with CBD Edibles you can consume CBD in a variety of foods and drinks, from gummy bears to nut butters. There are also ample CBD Drinks products to choose from!

Long lasting effect – CBD Edibles are digested slowly upon consumption. Though this results in a slower time for CBD to take effect, the advantage is that the CBD is released gradually over a longer time period, allowing it to exert its effects for longer.

Types of CBD Edibles

Whatever your required dosage or preferred food/drink product, there is a wide variety of CBD Edibles on the market. Here at CBD Infusions we offer we a range of CBD edibles such as:

Whatever your CBD needs, the growing market and consequent variety of CBD edible products can fulfill them. Take a look at our range of products now. All of the products we sell are fully legal, and each batch is tested for quality and safety. CBD is purified from the hemp plant flowers to a point where it contains no THC or only trace amounts (a maximum 0.2%).

Products are intended for individuals aged 18 or over, and are not intended for medicinal use, only as food supplement purposes.

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