What makes CBD Infusions different

At CBD Infusions we want to bring you the best in high quality CBD products available in the UK. Our team of CBD experts look at the different products on the market to hand pick the best selection for you. Our aim is to become a market leader in the CBD world.

Why choose CBD products?

CBD is an emerging market based on an active ingredient found in hemp and cannabis called Cannabidiol (CBD). Whereas THC in cannabis is what gets you high, CBD does not.

What are CBD products?

The CBD industry is growing and evolving and there are many new products infused with CBD. As well as the smoking-related forms of CBD such as vapes and e-liquids, you can now get CBD through edibles, crystals and even skin cream.

Our CBD products are safe and legal and although they may contain trace elements of THC it is always below the legal limit.

Are CBD products for me?

CBD products are a great dietary supplement. However, they should never be used as a medicine or treat illnesses unless approved by your physician. We recommend that you always consult with your doctor before taking any CBD products.

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