What is CBD Rescue Cream – the UK’s ONLY clinically proven CBD cosmetic product

The protected trademarked CBD RESCUE CREAM® formulation, is the only CBD product in the UK that has been trialled within a study group. The results were overwhelming. We introduce to you, the first clinically proven CBD cannabis cosmetic that repairs, soothes and restores when administered topically to the skin.

For external use only. Apply CBD Rescue Cream™ to the targeted area of clean skin, and massage well. To apply a more concentrated application, increase the amount of cream and apply to area. Do not apply to broken or sensitive skin.

CBD Rescue Cream

The benefits of using the cream include nourishing and revitalising skin as well as gaining CBD effects on the body. CBD Rescue Cream is the only one proven to relieve, soothe and repair your skin, with all the natural power of the cannabis plant!

As a result Canabidol™ can now legally make these claims about its CBD Rescue Cream®.

The Rescue Cream helps provide fast, localised relief. Please ensure you speak to your medical practitioner before using this product. If you are breastfeeding, pregnant or taking any other medication we recommend you seek guidance before using it.

It is very easy to apply and can become a normal part of your daily routine without any disruption to your usual activities. You can purchase the CBD Rescue Cream here.

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